Mr. Wiegand is the Editor and Publisher of Trader Tracks a Stocks, Futures and Commodities electronic newsletter publication for active traders. In addition, Roger writes a weekly column, “Rog’s Corner,” For J Taylor’s Gold, Energy and Tech Stocks Newsletter. A native of Michigan, Roger has a background in graphics, writing, and editing as well as sales, marketing, and commercial printing. His real estate experience includes development of sand and gravel mines, large landfill sites, and Planned Unit Developments containing several residential and commercial phases.

He has had an interest in precious metals and futures since the commodity rallies of the late 1970’ and early 1980’s. Roger is a voracious reader reviewing several domestic and foreign newspapers and wire services daily for economic, political, and monetary news. His background in a 25 year real estate development and construction career specialized in forward planning, consulting, and using creative skills for conceptual project thinking.

His present work is focused on the precious metals, currency, energy and interest rate markets for trading on the primary American exchanges. Roger has studied these markets intensively for years, to hone personal trading skills. Experience in land, development and base material projects has evolved into consulting for mining companies and analyzing those markets. He has developed longer term ideas for finance and mining marketing doing work on behalf of private and public mining companies. Roger’s consulting work is to focus on concepts and “big picture” forward planning for mining companies. His newsletters utilize the global news, and his personal research and knowledge for expressing personal trading ideas.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. John F. Says:


    I have heard you on the Korelin Economics report providing daily recap.

    I am primarily interested in trading gold futures on a daily basis.

    Do you provide this service?

    Do you provide a daily e-mail analysis on gold and what to do or not to do (wait to make a trade).

    Look forward to your e-mail response. Thanks, John F.

  2. Dan Hartman Says:

    Hello Trader Rog:
    Appreciate your Daily Market show on Kereport. I am seriously interested in becoming more active as a trader and would like to subscribe to Trader Tracks, but I need to learn how to do this first. Is there a good book that explains the business of trading futures, spreads, etc.. that you would recommend. I’m already investing in the junior mining stocks, but currently am using a longer term buy and hold perspective. Looking to branch out into what you provide. I’ll have to start small. Is this doable, or is there a minimum required?
    Appreciate any help.
    Thanks so much and all the best to you,

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